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 Renting kayaks, paddleboards, or canoes has never been easier.  Come down to Centennial Park rent a boat and get the Lifejackets and paddles for free. Then spend time away from the city and on the Snake River. Paddle under the Perrine bridge and up to Pillar Falls.  If the river is not too high then you can portage the boat over Pillar Falls and see Shoshone Falls from the base of the falls.

  Amount of Time needed is estimated different amounts of time will be needed depending on how fast or slow you would like to go.

One hour from Centennial Park to Perrine Bridge 2 mile round trip.  
2-3 hours from Centennial Park to Pillar Falls 4 mile round trip.  
4-6 hours from Centennial Park to Shoshone Falls 7.5 mile round trip.  

Want to take a kayak, canoe, or a stand up paddleboard somewhere else  call and we can help you rent a boat anytime  to take anywhere you want to go.  

Pryor Paddle Rentals has been in operation now for four years in Twin Falls, Idaho.  We are a family owned business that tries to make all experiences a hassle free time.  Come down to Centennial Park and we will get you on the water so you can enjoy a part of a day or a full day.  The Snake river through this section is a very slow moving river and is a perfect place to learn and enjoy canoeing, kayaking, or one of the newest water sports paddle boarding.  If you never have tried any of these water crafts come and rent we can give you some instructions and then enjoy the day.  This is great for exercise or just a slow paddle and enjoy the day.

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